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Tips to Decorate Vase or Bouquet of Flowers

Having some beautiful flowers in a bouquet of vase would be something refreshing. Especially, when the flowers are in fresh condition, it would affect those who see it too. If you have a dream to be an expert in arranging flower bouquet and perhaps have a plan to put a vase full of fresh flowers on your table, you can learn about how to decorate it.

How to Arrange Your Flower Bouquet

The flower bouquet is useful for many occasions. It can be present or can be for your own self. Whatever is the function that you want from the flower bouquet, it is important to have the beautiful one. If you want to learn about the best way to arrange the flower bouquet, of course, you have to know several tips that will be useful.

  • Choosing Colour

Different flower will have a different color. It is something that becomes common knowledge. The combination of the color will help the bouquet you made becomes more beautiful. So, paying attention to the composition of the color is a very helpful thing for you in order to get the right flower bouquet. The color combination will also show how cheerful and fresh the bouquet you made. In other words, it affects the atmosphere that is brought by the bouquet.

  • The Shape of The Bouquet

You might also already know about some options for making the flower bouquet based on the shape. You can find that the bouquet for the present would be different with the bouquet of the bride, for example. It can show the variation of the shape of the bouquet. So, after you choose some flowers based on the colors, you can choose what kind of bouquet you will make.

  • Accessories

Even though the flower is beautiful as it is, even when it is already in the shape of the bouquet, you can add some accessories that will make the bouquet more beautiful. Something like putting the ribbon and the combination of the bouquet tiles will be good as the accessories. Then, it will turn into very beautiful bouquet flowers with good decoration.

Arranging Flowers in The Vase

Having the option to put a fresh flower in your living room or some corners of your house can be a good concept for your interior decoration. To make it perfect, you also have to prepare the best flowers to be used in the vase. Then, what are the steps that you have to do?

  • Preparing Vase and Flowers

It is almost the same with the step that you do in making the flower bouquet. You need to choose the combination of good flowers and good colors that match with the concept of your home decoration. Then, you also have to prepare the vase and people usually use a transparent bottle or vase as the place of their fresh flower.

  • Putting Enough Water

It is simple when you put flowers in the vase rather than making a flower bouquet. You only need to prepare the vase and put fresh water in it. The water will be the media of the flowers to get the food. So, it is something important for the balance of the flower’s freshness. It would be wise too if you mind changing the water in the vase, at least in 2-3 days.

It is almost the same that the key to decorating the flowers both in the flower bouquet and vase is about the color combination. However, the treatments for the flowers both in the vase and bouquet are still needed, because it can affect the look of the flowers there. So, make sure to always take a good treatment and care for the flowers.