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7 Simple Yet Essential Tips for DIY Flower

For you who want to be more professional in arranging flowers, of course, you need more information about tips and advice mixing it. At least, you know some essential points of DIY flower tips that can be your basic knowledge for arranging bouquet or your fresh flower in the vase. So, you need to know about the following tips, which will be very helpful for you in arranging the flowers.

7 Basic Yet Essential Tips for DIY Flower Arranging

Before you start with your trial in arranging the flowers, it would be better if you know about these combinations of tips which are very essential for your future steps. By knowing these tips, you will be better and easier in arranging bouquet or decorating the vase that you want to use. So, watch out the following tips for you!

  • Characters of Flowers

Some flowers might have the structure of a branch which is easy to be cut and hydrate. However, some others are having a hard branch which makes you need to prepare more tools to help you to cut the branch in a good way. So, you have to know about the basic characters about the flowers that you can to cut for your project.

  • Simple Yet Awesome

To prepare your bouquet, you do not need to always prepare a complex combination of flowers. It would be helpful enough to choose the simple one. For the example, you can choose the flowers that will be enough beautiful to stand and gather with the same species of flower. The right example of the simple yet awesome bouquet is using the Baby Breath for your bouquet. You also can cut your budget if you use simple concept for your bouquet.

  • Use Floral Foam

Some of you might still wonder why a fresh flower which already separated from the soil is still fresh. It has the secret of the floral foam in it. The floral foam has the power to keep the nutrients and the food for flowers. Then, it helps the flowers to look fresh the whole time. So, if you also want your flower to stay fresh, you can use the foam for this purpose.

  • Decorate Your Glass

If you use glass as your vase, it would be cooler if you decorate it. To decorate the glass is not merely about putting something to make your glass beautiful. It also can be putting the grid in the top of the glass to make it easier for the flowers to stand. So, you can try this way and it will turn out incredibly awesome!

  • Put the Flowers in The Right Place

Even though you might ever hear that you need to put your flower in a cool place, it does not mean you have to put it in the fridge. It is enough to put it in the cool place which has a lower temperature. However, the flower still needs the supply of direct sunlight, so you have to put the right place to help the flowers grow in a good way.

  • Optimizing Your Tools

To have cool plants do not always mean to have it and grow it in very expensive mud or pot or vase. You can make it even cooler by re-using any tools that you might find in your home. Something like painting’s can or bucket can be the right media to plant your plants. You only need to do some touches and decoration to make it better.

  • Use Boxes or Anything Else That Creative!

Instead of using the conventional way by choosing a vase or pot, you can use boxes to put the blooms flowers inside it. You can arrange colorful flowers that show the bright side and combination, and put it in the special boxes. Then, send it as a present for your special person! You also can use your creativity to find a better way of arranging your DIY flowers package.

Keep Your Flowers Healthy and Fresh

After knowing several tips to know about the essential part of arranging flowers, you also have to know about the best way of keeping your flowers healthy. To make it fresh and healthy all the way, of course, you need more tips to be prepared. For the example, you can always change the water in your glass which you use as the vase.

Then, you also can use any floral foam in order to keep the nutrition and food for the flowers. With the help of enough nutrition and water, the possibility of your flowers to stay fresh is bigger. Then, what are the other things to do?

You can put the vase or pot under the spot which is in not-too-hot temperature but get enough light supply from the sun. With the right placement, enough food and nutrients, you can make sure that your flowers will stay fresh. It will look more beautiful and stay longer in your vase.