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Tips to Take Care of Your Fresh Flower

Some people agree that having a fresh flower in your work table is something helpful and refreshing for your psychological condition while working. However, most people still do not know the right ways to take care of their fresh flower, in order to keep the flowers healthy in a longer way. To help you to take care of your fresh flower, the following information will be ready to guide you into the right action to keep your flower stay fresh.

Simple but Helpful Tips for Fresh Flower

Many people do agree that buying a bouquet which is full of fresh flowers need more attention to make the flowers stay fresh for a longer period. Some of them do not really know about the best way to help your flower stay in fresh condition. So, to help your fresh flower, you can follow the following instruction to know the best action to do.

  • Prepare for Vase

If you buy fresh flower with a bouquet, even though the bouquet already has the place for water, you cannot keep it that way. You still need a vase and then put your flowers thereafter removing the bouquet. This way, will be better and make the fresh flower stay in good condition in a longer time. You can choose any type of vase that match with your preference.

  • Arrange the Flowers

Even though you might already get or buy arranged fresh flowers in a bouquet, you still need to re-arrange it when you put it in the vase. Of course, it is something easy if you are familiar with this thing. However, if you are still a newbie in this kind of thing, learning about it is not something difficult so you can learn it patiently until you can arrange the flowers beautifully in your vase.

  • Cut Some Parts of Flowers

Even though it is already proportional when you saw it in the vase, it does not always mean the same after you put it in the vase. You still need to cut some parts and it is even helpful to make the composition beautiful by cutting some leaves that might reach the surface of the water. So, you can make some cutting in order to make it proportional and good in the vase.

Care Guide for Fresh Flower in Your Vase

After you put your fresh flower in your vase with enough water, you still need to give some best caring for the flowers. It affects how long your fresh flower will stay so you do not need to change the flower immediately. Those things that belong to the part of care guides for your fresh flower will be explained in the following explanation.

  • Water Condition

As the flower needs water to stay alive, you need to take care of the water condition. It becomes the part of flower’s respiration system and also food for the flowers. To make the water in balance condition of mineral or something else that helps to the flower, you need to change the water with the new and fresh one within 2-3 days.

  • Flower Food

Flower needs enough food to stay fresh and beautiful. So, you need to know several formulas that you can put into the water so that it would be helpful for the flower to keep its freshness. You can look for more information or consult it with the expert for more details about food for flowers and many things else.

  • Light

Even though the fresh flower is not the plants which are planted in the soil, yet live with the help of water, it still needs the light. You can make sure that the room where you put the vase get enough light, so that the flowers will stay bright and fresh in color, because of the help of the light.

  • Temperature

Some of us might not really care with this aspect. However, the temperature is also something that can affect the fresh flower condition. Different flower will have a different defense of the temperature around them, so it would be good to make sure the temperature is not too cold and too hot. The ideal one is about 25 degree Celsius.

Those points are important points to help you in arranging and caring for the fresh flowers you have. With the best care, your flower will look way more beautiful and fresh. Try it!