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7 Simple Yet Essential Tips for DIY Flower

For you who want to be more professional in arranging flowers, of course, you need more information about tips and advice mixing it. At least, you know some essential points of DIY flower tips that can be your basic knowledge for arranging bouquet or your fresh flower in the vase. So, you need to know about the following tips, which will be very helpful for you in arranging the flowers.

7 Basic Yet Essential Tips for DIY Flower Arranging

Before you start with your trial in arranging the flowers, it would be better if you know about these combinations of tips which are very essential for your future steps. By knowing these tips, you will be better and easier in arranging bouquet or decorating the vase that you want to use. So, watch out the following tips for you!

  • Characters of Flowers

Some flowers might have the structure of a branch which is easy to be cut and hydrate. However, some others are having a hard branch which makes you need to prepare more tools to help you to cut the branch in a good way. So, you have to know about the basic characters about the flowers that you can to cut for your project.

  • Simple Yet Awesome

To prepare your bouquet, you do not need to always prepare a complex combination of flowers. It would be helpful enough to choose the simple one. For the example, you can choose the flowers that will be enough beautiful to stand and gather with the same species of flower. The right example of the simple yet awesome bouquet is using the Baby Breath for your bouquet. You also can cut your budget if you use simple concept for your bouquet.

  • Use Floral Foam

Some of you might still wonder why a fresh flower which already separated from the soil is still fresh. It has the secret of the floral foam in it. The floral foam has the power to keep the nutrients and the food for flowers. Then, it helps the flowers to look fresh the whole time. So, if you also want your flower to stay fresh, you can use the foam for this purpose.

  • Decorate Your Glass

If you use glass as your vase, it would be cooler if you decorate it. To decorate the glass is not merely about putting something to make your glass beautiful. It also can be putting the grid in the top of the glass to make it easier for the flowers to stand. So, you can try this way and it will turn out incredibly awesome!

  • Put the Flowers in The Right Place

Even though you might ever hear that you need to put your flower in a cool place, it does not mean you have to put it in the fridge. It is enough to put it in the cool place which has a lower temperature. However, the flower still needs the supply of direct sunlight, so you have to put the right place to help the flowers grow in a good way.

  • Optimizing Your Tools

To have cool plants do not always mean to have it and grow it in very expensive mud or pot or vase. You can make it even cooler by re-using any tools that you might find in your home. Something like painting’s can or bucket can be the right media to plant your plants. You only need to do some touches and decoration to make it better.

  • Use Boxes or Anything Else That Creative!

Instead of using the conventional way by choosing a vase or pot, you can use boxes to put the blooms flowers inside it. You can arrange colorful flowers that show the bright side and combination, and put it in the special boxes. Then, send it as a present for your special person! You also can use your creativity to find a better way of arranging your DIY flowers package.

Keep Your Flowers Healthy and Fresh

After knowing several tips to know about the essential part of arranging flowers, you also have to know about the best way of keeping your flowers healthy. To make it fresh and healthy all the way, of course, you need more tips to be prepared. For the example, you can always change the water in your glass which you use as the vase.

Then, you also can use any floral foam in order to keep the nutrition and food for the flowers. With the help of enough nutrition and water, the possibility of your flowers to stay fresh is bigger. Then, what are the other things to do?

You can put the vase or pot under the spot which is in not-too-hot temperature but get enough light supply from the sun. With the right placement, enough food and nutrients, you can make sure that your flowers will stay fresh. It will look more beautiful and stay longer in your vase.

Tips to Take Care of Your Fresh Flower

Some people agree that having a fresh flower in your work table is something helpful and refreshing for your psychological condition while working. However, most people still do not know the right ways to take care of their fresh flower, in order to keep the flowers healthy in a longer way. To help you to take care of your fresh flower, the following information will be ready to guide you into the right action to keep your flower stay fresh.

Simple but Helpful Tips for Fresh Flower

Many people do agree that buying a bouquet which is full of fresh flowers need more attention to make the flowers stay fresh for a longer period. Some of them do not really know about the best way to help your flower stay in fresh condition. So, to help your fresh flower, you can follow the following instruction to know the best action to do.

  • Prepare for Vase

If you buy fresh flower with a bouquet, even though the bouquet already has the place for water, you cannot keep it that way. You still need a vase and then put your flowers thereafter removing the bouquet. This way, will be better and make the fresh flower stay in good condition in a longer time. You can choose any type of vase that match with your preference.

  • Arrange the Flowers

Even though you might already get or buy arranged fresh flowers in a bouquet, you still need to re-arrange it when you put it in the vase. Of course, it is something easy if you are familiar with this thing. However, if you are still a newbie in this kind of thing, learning about it is not something difficult so you can learn it patiently until you can arrange the flowers beautifully in your vase.

  • Cut Some Parts of Flowers

Even though it is already proportional when you saw it in the vase, it does not always mean the same after you put it in the vase. You still need to cut some parts and it is even helpful to make the composition beautiful by cutting some leaves that might reach the surface of the water. So, you can make some cutting in order to make it proportional and good in the vase.

Care Guide for Fresh Flower in Your Vase

After you put your fresh flower in your vase with enough water, you still need to give some best caring for the flowers. It affects how long your fresh flower will stay so you do not need to change the flower immediately. Those things that belong to the part of care guides for your fresh flower will be explained in the following explanation.

  • Water Condition

As the flower needs water to stay alive, you need to take care of the water condition. It becomes the part of flower’s respiration system and also food for the flowers. To make the water in balance condition of mineral or something else that helps to the flower, you need to change the water with the new and fresh one within 2-3 days.

  • Flower Food

Flower needs enough food to stay fresh and beautiful. So, you need to know several formulas that you can put into the water so that it would be helpful for the flower to keep its freshness. You can look for more information or consult it with the expert for more details about food for flowers and many things else.

  • Light

Even though the fresh flower is not the plants which are planted in the soil, yet live with the help of water, it still needs the light. You can make sure that the room where you put the vase get enough light, so that the flowers will stay bright and fresh in color, because of the help of the light.

  • Temperature

Some of us might not really care with this aspect. However, the temperature is also something that can affect the fresh flower condition. Different flower will have a different defense of the temperature around them, so it would be good to make sure the temperature is not too cold and too hot. The ideal one is about 25 degree Celsius.

Those points are important points to help you in arranging and caring for the fresh flowers you have. With the best care, your flower will look way more beautiful and fresh. Try it!

Tips to Choose Best Flower Shops and Products

Flower shops or florist is the place where many people are looking for beautiful flowers in the shape of bouquet or perhaps plants. Actually, finding a florist is not a difficult thing to do. Many florists exist in even small cities. It makes people are easy to find the place and choose their own preference for flowers that they want to buy.

Choosing The Right Florist to Buy Flowers

Even though you can find many beautiful and helpful flower shops, it does not mean you can choose the shop without any consideration. You still need to choose the shop based on some criteria and you still need to have some considerations to find the best one. To guide you to find the best florist ever to get the best product and service, you can follow the following tips.

  • Looking for References

If you are looking for the best of the best florists, of course, you have to have many references. Those many references can be in the form of information about the names of the florists in your area. Then, from the information that you have, you can get the deeper information about which is the best florist for you.

  • Reading Costumers’ Reviews

After you find the names of the florists in your city as your basic knowledge, you need to know the following information about the reviews of each florist that you find. The reviews will show the quality of the services from the florist based on clients’ opinion. You can conclude some points based on the reviews that you read.

  • Finding the Available Services

After you read about the reviews from some customers, you might already cut some names and need to come into conclusion about the best flower shops. Then, you have to look for the information about the services that you can get from the florist. For the example, you can find out whether the florist offers you online order or order by phone or not. The one with complete services can be your choice of the florist.

Choosing the Right Bouquet or Products

After you know the best way to choose the florist, it is important for you to know about the best way to choose the products. The products of the florist can be bouquets or perhaps plants. The different place will have different options for the product. Then, what you should do to find the best product ever?

  • Flower Condition

Actually, when you request a bouquet, the florist will offer you to choose the flower by your own hands or with the help of the officer there. If you know the name of the flower that you want to buy, it is something good to choose it yourself, since it will give you more satisfaction. However, if you are confused, you can ask for the help from the officers.

Whatever is your way of choosing the flowers, the important thing is to pay attention to the flower condition. Make sure that the flowers are fresh and have good colors, so the bouquet will turn out beautiful. This is the importance of choosing the flower based on its freshness or other condition.

  • Bouquet Shape and Style

You might also give your request about the bouquet that you want to buy. It will affect the shape and also the style of the bouquet. As it is needed to find out that the bouquet makes you satisfied, you can bring any picture for the example of the bouquet that you want. If you do not allow doing this kind of thing, it will be enough to choose the bouquet based on the best shape that available there.

  • The Price

Price is also something important to be considered in choosing the product. You can choose the product based on the price if you have the limited budget. Moreover, fresh flowers are usually way more expensive, so the price will also high. So, you have to be ready with the price of the bouquet of fresh flower that you want to buy.

If you want to buy flower plants, you might also find it in the florist. Even though not all florists offer you these kinds of products, you can ask whether the products are available or not. If the products are available, you also have to know about the name of the plants and ask more about the tips to take care of that plant to the officers.

The previous information is something important for you since it can help you to choose the best one product and the best florist to buy a flower. If you want to choose the right florist and the right product of the florist, those tips above are something important for you to understand. Then, do you want to apply those tips for choosing the best florist among many Flower shops?

Basic Care Guides for Your Flowers

Do you love flower or having such a hobby to raise flowers in your beautiful garden? Actually, this kind of hobby is something great to do. As flowers are something that you need to care about, you should know the best way to treat flowers, so that the flowers will stay beautiful and healthy. To take care of your flowers, you have to know different ways that can be helpful based on the type of flowers.

Essential Tips to Take Care of Flower

Before you touch your flowers with several attentions in order to keep their beauty, you have to know the exact ways to put your care. You have to know that taking care of flowers on the bouquet will be different with taking care of flower plants. So, it would be nice if you know each different way of taking care of different kind or type of flowers.

Basic Tips of Bouquet Care Guide

You might sometimes buy a special bouquet for yourself or often get any flower bouquet from many people. It makes you need to know the best way to make your flowers stay alive and beautiful in the vase. Then, what are the basic tips to know?

  • Bouquet Removal

Of course, you need to remove the bouquet first before putting it in the vase. Then, you have to be aware with the type of the bouquet and make sure that you can remove the bouquet safely. Remove it patiently in order to avoid the flowers to be ruined by your movements in removing the bouquet.

  • Water

After you remove the bouquet, you need to put the flowers in the vase which already have enough water in it. Remember to cut some leaves if there are any leaves are under the water. Besides that, it would be better to cut the stem of your flowers before you put it into the vase. To make the water always in good condition, make sure to change the water in every three days.

Basic Tips of Plants Care Guide

If you are taking care of the flowers which are still on their plants, it means you have to take care of the whole plants. Then, the plants will stay beautiful and healthy if you really take care of it. The following tips will be helpful yet simple to guide you in taking care of the plants.

  • Give Enough Light Supply

Plants need sunlight for their growth. It means that you need to put all the pots of your plants in the area where there is enough sunlight supply. It will help the plants to grow healthy and beautifully because of enough food and light for their photosynthesis process. Then, you only need to wait and pay attention to the growth of your favorite plants.

  • Water Supply

Not only about giving space with enough light, pouring enough water every day will help the plants to get enough mineral. Like a human, plants also need water to drink, so make sure to always do watering in constant frequent. It will help the flowers to grow healthy enough in color and in its shape.

  • Mineral Supply

Some flowers or plants also need the help of mineral. You can use some enough fertilizer that can help the soil to give enough mineral for the plants. With enough supply from fertilizer, the plants will stay in good condition.

Those tips are the basic tips that you always need to remember if you really want to take care of the flowers you have. Whether it is a bouquet of flowers or plants, if you do understand the previous explanation, taking care of flowers is no longer something impossible for you.

Tips to Decorate Vase or Bouquet of Flowers

Having some beautiful flowers in a bouquet of vase would be something refreshing. Especially, when the flowers are in fresh condition, it would affect those who see it too. If you have a dream to be an expert in arranging flower bouquet and perhaps have a plan to put a vase full of fresh flowers on your table, you can learn about how to decorate it.

How to Arrange Your Flower Bouquet

The flower bouquet is useful for many occasions. It can be present or can be for your own self. Whatever is the function that you want from the flower bouquet, it is important to have the beautiful one. If you want to learn about the best way to arrange the flower bouquet, of course, you have to know several tips that will be useful.

  • Choosing Colour

Different flower will have a different color. It is something that becomes common knowledge. The combination of the color will help the bouquet you made becomes more beautiful. So, paying attention to the composition of the color is a very helpful thing for you in order to get the right flower bouquet. The color combination will also show how cheerful and fresh the bouquet you made. In other words, it affects the atmosphere that is brought by the bouquet.

  • The Shape of The Bouquet

You might also already know about some options for making the flower bouquet based on the shape. You can find that the bouquet for the present would be different with the bouquet of the bride, for example. It can show the variation of the shape of the bouquet. So, after you choose some flowers based on the colors, you can choose what kind of bouquet you will make.

  • Accessories

Even though the flower is beautiful as it is, even when it is already in the shape of the bouquet, you can add some accessories that will make the bouquet more beautiful. Something like putting the ribbon and the combination of the bouquet tiles will be good as the accessories. Then, it will turn into very beautiful bouquet flowers with good decoration.

Arranging Flowers in The Vase

Having the option to put a fresh flower in your living room or some corners of your house can be a good concept for your interior decoration. To make it perfect, you also have to prepare the best flowers to be used in the vase. Then, what are the steps that you have to do?

  • Preparing Vase and Flowers

It is almost the same with the step that you do in making the flower bouquet. You need to choose the combination of good flowers and good colors that match with the concept of your home decoration. Then, you also have to prepare the vase and people usually use a transparent bottle or vase as the place of their fresh flower.

  • Putting Enough Water

It is simple when you put flowers in the vase rather than making a flower bouquet. You only need to prepare the vase and put fresh water in it. The water will be the media of the flowers to get the food. So, it is something important for the balance of the flower’s freshness. It would be wise too if you mind changing the water in the vase, at least in 2-3 days.

It is almost the same that the key to decorating the flowers both in the flower bouquet and vase is about the color combination. However, the treatments for the flowers both in the vase and bouquet are still needed, because it can affect the look of the flowers there. So, make sure to always take a good treatment and care for the flowers.